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The Advanced Guide to Comparison between Cloud Computing Platforms (AWS, AZURE, GCP)

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The three main technological giants of today, that is, Amazon, Microsoft and Google have their own cloud platforms and their names are Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Orientation of Clouds Computing (AWS, AZURE, GCP)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the oldest and most experienced player in the market, since it was established in early 2006. AWS has an extensive list of computer services with deployment functions, mobile networks, databases, storage, security and much more.

While Microsoft Azure was introduced in February 2010, and since then, it has shown great promise among its rivals. This platform can be easily associated with AWS and both provide their customers with a complete set of services in the domains of computation, storage, database, networks and many more, just like AWS.

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On the other hand, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) began its journey on October 6, 2011 and by this time, they have managed to create a good presence in the industry. Initially, the impulse was to strengthen their own services, such as Google or YouTube. But now, they have made more progress, and they have also created business services, so now anyone can use their cloud platform that shares the same infrastructure as Google Search and You Tube.

Clouds Computing Platforms Services

But still, the question remains, how are these 3 cloud services different and what are the factors we should focus on when comparing Amazon, Azure and Google Cloud Platform web services? Well, we are about to discuss that, as we move forward. Let's start with the first factor that are the availability zones. Before discussing this factor, let me give you a brief introduction to the Availability Zones. Accessibility areas are isolated locations within the data center regions from where public cloud services originate and operate and areas are geographic locations in the data centers of public cloud service providers. Basically, companies that use the cloud choose one or more areas of global availability for their services, depending on their business needs. Therefore, they select availability zones for a variety of reasons, including compliance and providing proximity to end customers.

Cloud administrators can also choose to replicate services in multiple availability zones to decrease latency and protect their resources. Administrators can move resources to another availability zone in case of a blackout. Certain cloud services may also be limited to particular regions or availability zones. So now, we are all aware of their establishments, we all know that AWS was the first of its kind. Right? Which means AWS is staying in multiple locations around the world and, of course, it's true for Azure, as well as Google. But here too, the difference occurs in the number of regions and availability zones. Speaking of numbers, AWS has 55 availability zones worldwide with 8 more on the way. And azure has 44 availability zones with a number of 12 more on the way. While Google has 18 availability zones with 3 more on the way. Which is without a doubt, is quite smaller than AWS and Azure.

Market Share (AWS, AZURE, GCP)

Now let's move on and talk about the next factor, which is the market share. If we review this chart here, it clearly shows how AWS leads with 40% of the public cloud market share worldwide in its name, while Azure ranks second with 30% of the market share and Google's cloud, which is not that behind, is in third place with 10% of the market share and other cloud providers combined with 20% of it. Let me tell you an interesting fact here, that according to a recent KeyBanc report, Amazon lost almost 6% stake, while Microsoft Azure went from 26% to 30% and Google successfully skipped its share of 8% to 10% in the cloud business. Also, if you review the Google trend chart and compare its popularity, these are the statistics, where you can easily discover how interest in AWS has been beating Azure in second place and Google Cloud in third place, worldwide in the past 12 months. Even if we check your search results and trends according to the US. The same case is here too, where there is more interest for AWS than the blue cloud and Google.

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These are the results of the last 12 months and have been variable and relatively growing with AWS in the first and blue in the second Google cloud in the third of the past decade. We are all aware of the establishment of AWS as the first cloud provider. And with the most experience and implementation in the cloud domain, you obviously have greater support and trust from the community among your customers. And with Azure and Google Cloud, well, they have been able to deal with trust among their multiple clients successfully.

Clouds Computing Platforms used by different Companies

So, let's verify what kind of companies are using them. AWS has more high profile clients such as Netflix, Airbnb, Unilever, BMW, Samsung, MI, Zynga, etc. And, Azure is not far behind as almost 80% of Fortune 500 companies have recently put their faith in blue. Some of its main clients are Johnson Controls, Polycom, Fujifilm, HP, Honeywell, Apple, etc. Because Google shares the same infrastructure as the Google and You Tube search engine, that is why many large companies have faith in them and some of their main customers are HSBC, PayPal, 20th Century Fox, Bloomberg, Target, Dominos, etc. Undoubtedly, AWS is dominating the public cloud over Microsoft Azure and Google in this race, but both are continuously growing to be on top.

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