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Die Bayerische and kasko2go launch joint project for novel telematic car insurance

Posted 29 Jan-2020 07:03 PM by Ingmar | 38

Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia (pressreleasepower) January 29, 2020 - The Swiss insurech firm kasko2go and the insurance group die Bayerische have started a joint project to develop new, customer-focussed solutions for telematic insurance policies in Germany. In the first half of 2020 die Bayerische is planning the phased launch of an app-based telematic policy. Now that the product has already been successfully introduced in Switzerland with Dextra Versicherung AG, a subsidiary of die Bayerische, German insurance customers are set to benefit from it in future too. The rate rewards safe, environmentally aware driving with discounts of up to 50 per cent on traditional car insurance. The premium is calculated on the basis of actual mileage and driving style.


A unique feature in comparison with existing telematic insurance in Germany is the combination of pay-as-you-drive with pay-how-you-drive. That means that anyone who doesn't drive their car pays almost nothing. And the customer has fully transparent costs at all times. Premiums are based on the individual driving style. Telemetry and artificial intelligence are then used to evaluate the risk of that driving style. The more responsibly and environmentally the person drives, the lower the insurance premium that they pay.

No additional device is required to benefit from these insurance rates, just an app installed on a smartphone. Coverage is billed for the exact number of kilometres driven. The app for the German market will be available from the spring. And in contrast to all the products currently on the market, customers will be able to use the app even if they have not yet taken out an insurance policy. So they can test it and find out whether the solution on offer really does represent added value for them, because a telematic rate is not necessarily right for all drivers. And that is exactly the idea behind the new product.

Martin Gräfer, CEO of die Bayerische: "kasko2go is a new addition to our portfolio and gives customers the opportunity to be rewarded for their sustainable driving with attractive rates. Our analysis shows that many consumers are happy to pay for the services they actually use. And because car drivers can now get the best possible protection from us for a fair premium whenever they need it, we are hoping for strong long-term interest in this innovative idea. This is also another step towards turning our vision into reality: we want to help our customers only to pay for the insurance coverage that they actually need."

Genadi Man, CEO of kasko2go: "According to the main analysts, the usage-based car insurance market is going to grow by about 24 per cent a year until 2027. Market penetration in Germany is currently below 1 per cent, so we want to exploit this potential. And with our novel, scalable approach we not only want to make a long-term contribution to making Germany's roads safer. At a time of increasing environmental awareness, the product also fits the zeitgeist and rewards environmentally conscious driving. People save money, improve road safety and help the environment, making it a sensible, value-added win-win situation for everyone involved."

While kasko2go contributes technological know-how, an angle for creating a safer driving culture and international business experience, die Bayerische brings its proven insurance expertise to the partnership. The insurance group has operated in the German market for more than 160 years, specialising in insurance solutions for private individuals.

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